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Hot Stuff is a cyanoacrylate glue with the consistency of water. It is particularly useful for repairing hairline cracks that are too narrow to get ordinary glues into without spreading the crack, an activity that usually extends the crack or deforms the wood. The cracks can be invisibly repaired with Hot Stuff and will set within 5 seconds.

It is ideal for turners who can repair work right on the lathe and keep on turning. It is also ideal for furniture repair since you don't have to disassemble the item to repair it. Because the glue has a very low viscosity, it will wick into cracks in the same manner that solder wicks into a copper pipe joint. Hot Stuff can be applied to the edge of the joint and it will flow between parts. For repairs that are impossible to clamp (such as delicate carvings), ordinary finger pressure can be used to position the part. You can usually hold anything still for the five seconds required to cure.

The fine spout gives excellent application control and lets you make dozens of repairs with one ounce. It is a marvellous glue to use and, unlike some brands of cyanoacrylate, it forms a bond that does not degrade over time. Shelf life of one year.

Made in USA.

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