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You may have noticed that the duct tape you buy today is thinner, weaker and less sticky than duct tape you could buy just a few years ago. As with so many products, there is always someone who can make a product cheaper by reducing its quality. This duct tape is different — it is durable, won't easily delaminate and has a strong gum adhesive that leaves virtually no residue when removed.

Our tape is 13 mil thick (versus 7 to 8.5 mil for regular duct tape) and has considerably greater tensile strength at 45 lb per inch versus 19 lb for regular.

You don't need this tape for wrapping little parcels, but if you are patching a holed canoe or making an equipment repair where durability, tensile strength and water resistance are important, this is the tape you need. 1 7/8" wide, available in a 90' or 180' roll.

Made in USA.