This convenient accessory not only elevates a project during painting or finishing, but the rotating base lets you turn the project to work on all sides without changing your position. It comes with two styles of work supports that interlock with a pattern of raised pegs on the turntable, allowing you to quickly change the arrangement of contact points to suit the workpiece.

To avoid marring the finish, the eight Painter’s Pyramid supports minimize contact with the work, and are rounded to prevent denting all but the softest material. The eight Grabbers present a broad, non-slip textured surface. The grabbers can also be installed in the pyramid bases to prevent them from sliding on smooth surfaces. Additional pyramids and grabbers are available separately.

All parts are molded from a solvent-resistant, non-stick polymer that will not react with finishes or wood. Turntable measures 16” in diameter and supports up to 100 lb.

Pyramid and grabber colors may vary.

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