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Based in the U.K., Eli-Chem produces superior-quality durable epoxy resin systems developed for the art, design and restoration markets.

Specially formulated for casting objects that will be shaped or machined, this resin excels at filling voids in wood turnings or casting blanks. It also works well for casting small items or sealing artwork with a high-gloss finish on a wide range of materials, including canvas, wood or MDF, and metals.

Water-clear with no optical distortion, it contains UV inhibitors to minimize yellowing after prolonged light exposure. (Yellowing varies with direct or indirect light and design variables, such as the resin cast thickness or the lightfastness rating of any pigments used.)

A two-part system, 1:1 ratio resin to hardener by volume. It has a 10 to 15 minute pot life and dries to the touch in 3 to 4 hours. Cures at temperature range from 18° to 25°C (65° to 77°F) with a humidity level below 70%; fully cures in 5 to 7 days. Shelf life is 1 year in a sealed container.

Compatible, complementary pigments and metallic powders for creating a variety of visual effects are available separately.

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