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Providing excellent resistance to discoloration and damage from UV rays, this durable, easy-to-apply outdoor finish is a good choice for use on vertical wooden surfaces exposed to direct sunlight.

A blend of vegetable oils (sunflower, soybean, thistle and linseed) combined with drying agents and small amounts of low-odor solvent to improve workability, it has low environmental impact. Not intended for decks or other horizontal surfaces that receive foot traffic, it dries to a clear, hard satin finish that withstands exposure to precipitation and inhibits mildew and fungus.

It resists cracking and peeling, creating a microporous surface that allows the wood to "breathe," so any absorbed moisture is not permanently sealed in, minimizing wood swelling and shrinkage over time. Easy to apply with a brush or roller, it doesn't require sanding between coats, making future repairs straightforward.

It provides coverage of 130 square feet per 750ml (25.5 fl oz) can and dries in approximately 12 hours. Two coats recommended.

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