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Applied liberally as a first coat, this sealer will penetrate deeply to close wood pores and provide a clear base that highlights grain and color.

You can fine-tune your finish to suit the job at hand in subsequent coats (brush them out more sparingly to a "dry" finish — ideally with a natural-bristle brush) by mixing the sealer with a high-luster polymerized tung oil to vary the balance of oil, thinners, and driers. A ratio of two parts sealer to one part high luster will give a low-luster finish. For medium luster, mix one part sealer to two parts high luster.

We could offer you low-luster and medium-luster pre-mixes, but it seems preferable to let you mix your own, both to save initial costs and to minimize the number of products needed for a range of finishes.

Made in USA.

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