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This water-based topcoat is comparable in performance and appearance to nitrocellulose, but in an ultra-low VOC formula that has minimal odor and makes for easier use, clean-up and disposal.

Each application burns into previous ones; this eliminates sanding between applications, allowing the finish to build quickly, and also prevents witness lines when rubbing out. Because of its excellent levelling properties, only minimal rubbing out is needed to achieve a final surface.

Suitable for interior use, this lacquer is highly regarded by guitar makers, since it produces a water-clear finish that deepens wood tones without imparting an amber color. Though developed for spraying, it can be applied with a fine-bristle synthetic brush.

Available in gloss, semi-gloss and satin sheens. Comes in quart containers (32 fl oz/946ml) coverage is approximately 100 sq.ft./quart. Minimum of three coats recommended. Test for compatibility with oil-based stains and glazes. An outstanding alternative to solvent-based lacquer.

Made in USA.

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