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The addition of banding can really make your work stand out. Not just for decoration, it can serve to accentuate the design, directing the eye toward construction details that might otherwise escape notice. Ours is produced in Spain by a second-generation family-run firm that specializes in banding made from European and exotic woods.

Composed entirely of face grain and laminated veneers in walnut, poplar and dyed obeche, with crisply defined detail, the “diamond fence” pattern banding is approximately 6mm wide and comes coiled in a 1m (just under 40") length with a nominal thickness of 1mm. As with anything made of wood, the colors and grain pattern may vary from those shown, and actual dimensions may vary slightly.

To bring out the wood's chatoyance (its natural depth and shimmer), we recommend using a scraper, rather than sanding, to level the surface and smooth it to a final finish.