An alternative to biscuit, standard dowel or metal fasteners, this solid wood fastening system creates a strong and decorative wood joint.

The two-part system consists of a stepped hardwood dowel and matching HSS (high-speed steel) drill bit. The great advantage of stepped dowels is easy insertion with minimal glue stripping since there is no scouring effect until they are three-quarters in. Excess dowel is trimmed and sanded flush. The dowels are ribbed to provide greater surface area for adhesive.

The system is available in three configurations — mini for boards up to 3/4" thick (great for box or drawer construction), small for boards up to 1" thick, and large for boards up to 1 3/4" thick.

Starter kits include the appropriate size of stepped drill and 100 (mini kit) or 50 (small and large kits) matching stepped birch dowels. Additional dowels in birch, oak or walnut are available separately.

A clever fastening system good for general joinery.