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Made from polyester with a uniformly smooth texture, these turning blanks closely mimic the appearance of these natural materials:

  • Ivory: the color and luster of natural ivory
  • Aged Ivory: similar to ivory but with a butter-yellow hue
  • Ebony: jet black to resemble African ebony
  • Bone: white, similar to ivory but paler and less lustrous
  • Horn: variegated swirls of color ranging from pale yellow to brown and gray
  • Coral: variegated swirls of white, pink, and light and dark red
  • Cobalt: intense blue hue of the mineral-based pigment
  • Jade: swirls of color ranging from light green to brown
  • Malachite: dark green with black striations
  • Lapis Lazuli: deep, slightly mottled blue

They can be cut, turned and drilled using regular woodworking tools, bond well with common adhesives and are readily polished to a high gloss with fine abrasives.

Two sizes are available: a 20mm diameter by 150mm (3/4" × 6") for pen turning and 50mm × 150mm (2" × 6") for larger projects.

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