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Developed for buffing plastics and fiberglass, these 5" diameter sanding discs also excel at smoothing and polishing finish coats to a scratch-free, high-gloss shine, so you can use a power sander to speed work usually done by hand.

A soft layer cushions irregularities in the abrasive surface, so it cuts at a consistent height to produce an even scratch pattern. Use progressively finer grits up to 3200x for levelling between coats, and grits from 4000x to 12000x to buff the final coat. Used wet or dry on flat surfaces, they are effective on film finishes (varnish, lacquer, shellac, etc.), not penetrating oils or stains.

The loop backing attaches to orbital sander plates with a hook facing. Grits from 1500x to 6000x have silicon carbide abrasive; 8000x and 12000x have aluminum oxide abrasive. The 1500x is equivalent to 400x wet/dry sandpaper but leaves a finer surface; the 12000x has abrasive particles of less than 1 micron.

Made in USA.

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