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These items are discontinued. Available while quantities last. Online Only.

If you own a Chopstick Master, please note that we are clearing out our remaining Bridge City Tools inventory, so not only is this an opportunity to stock up on these blanks at discount prices, it is your last chance to purchase them from Lee Valley.

These are the same 7mm × 7mm × 270mm blanks that come with the Chopstick Master, supplied in packages of 20 blanks (to make 10 pairs of chopsticks) along with 10 cotton storage bags printed with Chinese characters (which, for the curious, translate to “master of chopsticks”).

Wenge (Millettia laurentii) – Hard and somewhat brittle with a coarse, fibrous structure. An attractive medium brown with lighter grain lines, it becomes almost uniformly black with an oil finish.

Hard maple (Acer saccharum) – Medium hardness with a fine texture, it planes beautifully. Pale golden yellow with patches of reddish-brown heartwood.

Padauk (Pterocarpus soyauxii) – Moderately hard with some reversing grain, it is open grained but takes a good finish. Vivid red to purple-brown with white sapwood, deepening to a medium brown over time.