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Using this cyclone separator is an easy way to both increase the capacity of your shop vacuum and extend the life of its dust filters. It works through cyclonic separation; as debris enters the vortex, centrifugal force concentrates the particles at the periphery. Because the cyclone is conical, the debris spirals downwards, losing velocity and separating from the airstream.

As much as 99% of shavings and dust are diverted into the container, ensuring very little reaches the vacuum itself, so filters load more slowly and suction loss is minimized. For use with any shop vacuum that has a 2 1/4" I.D. hose inlet, the Dust Deputy collects dust inside a pair of nesting 5-gallon plastic pails; the outer one serves as a housing while debris accumulates in the inner pail, which is removable for easy disposal.

The kit can be used freestanding or affixed to the vacuum and includes a translucent plastic cyclone separator with tapered ports, a lid, a 36" flex hose, two elbow fittings for vacuum connection, plus hardware (including casters) and installation instructions. A highly efficient and effective accessory for dust-collection systems. Hose color may vary, depending on supply.

Made in USA.

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