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The iVAC Pro dust collection system creates an electronic link between your workshop dust collector and specific power tools, automatically triggering the vacuum to run only while the tools are in use.

The system consists of this compact 3 1/2" × 2 3/8" × 1" transmitter that clamps unobtrusively onto the power tool's electrical cord, plus a switchbox (sold separately) that connects to your dust collector. As soon as the tool begins drawing power, the transmitter's internal sensor detects the current; the transmitter then sends a radio signal to the switch box up to 40' away, activating the vacuum. When the tool stops running, the transmitter sends a shut-off signal to the vacuum after a programmable delay of 0, 5, 15 or 45 seconds to ensure the collection system is cleared.

Used with up to eight separate transmitters, the switch box circuitry records the status of each tool so that the final tool to shut off triggers the vacuum to stop – handy in shops where more than one person is working. Each switch box and transmitter has its own binary control switch, so you can set individual transmitters to work with a specific switch box only. This allows multiple switch boxes to be used in close proximity (up to four maximum) without interference, for shops with multiple dust collection systems. To operate your dust collector independently of the synchronized network, we also offer a remote control (available separately) that can activate the switch box from as far away as 40'.

The transmitter weighs only 5 oz and has a 118" power cord that connects to a 110V receptacle. For use with power tools that have unshielded cords and are rated to 115V (15A) or 240V (20A).

An efficient system for running your dust collection network in unison with your power tools.

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