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The SysLite Duo is an AC lighting solution that projects evenly diffused light. Designed for the jobsite, it is impact and water resistant, meeting IP 55 standards for dust and water intrusion.


  • Unique LED configuration for 180° scattering angle and homogeneous illumination
  • High illuminating power for brilliant lighting of a large surface area
  • Daylight-like color temperature (5000 kelvin)
  • Sturdy and durable, with 10,000-hour lifetime (L70) and shock-proof corners
  • Withstands drops and impact
  • 5.1m (16.7') cable that neatly stows away in the cord holder
  • Flexible application range: stands alone on the floor or on flat surfaces, attaches to the ST DUO 200 tripod (available separately) or hangs on hooks using the suspension on the rear side of the Syslite Duo
  • Perfect in combination with the ST DUO 200 tripod (available separately), which is extendible up to 2m (6.56') for ideal positioning of the light


  • Syslite Duo work light
  • Systainer SYS3 M 237 case

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Technical Data for Syslite Duo-Plus

Light source: 80 × 1.4W

Colour temperature: 5000K

Lumen value: 8000 lm

LED service life: 10,000 hours

Colour rendering index (CRI): 80

Housing safety class: IP 55

Maximum output: 112W

Cable length: 5.1m (16.7')

Weight: 3.4kg (7.5 lb)

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