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This is an excellent shop work light. It has an 18" flexible steel gooseneck that can be positioned as needed, while a strong 30mm diameter rare-earth magnet in the movable base holds it securely to machine tops or other metal surfaces.

The light remains in position even if the neck is extended far to one side. There is also a rare-earth magnet in the included quick-release side-mounting clip, which holds the base parallel to the mounting surface and can also be readily detached and repositioned.

The powerful Cree LED has a telescoping housing that allows the beam to be focused from a wide angle to a narrow spot. The light housing and base are anodized aluminum; the side-mount clip is made of sturdy plastic. Three AA batteries (not included) provide up to 5 hours of continuous operation.

Separately, we offer a nickel-plated mounting plate for attaching the light to various surfaces, as well as 1" long stainless-steel posts in 3/4" and 20mm diameters for mounting the light in a dog hole.

This is a light you will find indispensable for shop or site work. Highly recommended.

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