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The four-drawer Sortainer is an excellent solution for organization, storage and transport of fasteners, hardware and other small project components (screws, washers, nails, nuts and bolts, hinges, knobs and more). Two small, one medium and one large drawer can be accessed from both sides, and each features its own latch, ensuring that drawers don't slide or fall out accidentally.

Additional inserts are available, allowing you to further customize your storage solution.


  • Made of durable, robust, high-quality ABS for long service life
  • Keeps your small parts organized and accessible, eliminating time-consuming searches
  • Centrally positioned, oversized handle makes it easy to carry heavy loads
  • Dimensions (L × W × H): 395mm × 295mm × 210mm (15 1/2" × 11 1/2" × 8 1/4")


  • Two small drawers (L × W × D) 255mm × 75mm × 30mm
  • One medium drawer (L × W × D) 255mm × 165mm × 30mm
  • One large drawer (L × W × D) 255mm × 348mm × 85mm
  • Two dividers per drawer
  • Six label holders
  • Eight lettering strips

To order replacement parts for Festool products, please contact our customer service department.

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