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Tanos Systainer storage systems are the standard in Europe for organizing and transporting tools, accessories and hardware. Interchangeable storage boxes and various components work together as a comprehensive and adaptable modular system, providing space-efficient storage that can be reconfigured for changing needs.

To hold tools that won’t fit in regular Systainer cases, the midi cases have a slightly greater capacity. With a 496mm × 296mm footprint, they are 100mm longer than a regular Systainer case, but have the same width so they can still connect in a stack with any regular T-Loc Systainer cases.

The rotating front latch can fasten the lid or link it to a regular or Midi T-Loc Systainer case above. The midi 2 is the same height as a regular Systainer 2 case at 158mm, and the midi 3 is 210mm tall, equivalent to a regular Systainer 3 case.

Foam inserts are available separately to create a custom-padded interior and prevent jostling.

The molded polystyrene tray, also sold separately, keeps a hammer drill or reciprocating saw from rattling around in transport.

Made in Germany of strong ABS plastic.

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