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In a process similar to 3D printing, the features of this high-tech chisel roll are created using a unique 3D knitting process. Different knitting stitches and special-purpose yarns can be integrated in a single job, resulting in a durable one-piece construction.

Our chisel roll is made of heavy polyester yarn with a section of Kevlar to add cut resistance to the blade-covering flap. It can hold chisels from 9" to 11 1/2" long, and has seven pockets that stretch to accommodate handles up to 1 3/4" in diameter.

A hook-and-loop fastener strap secures the roll for storage or transport. Measures 22" × 19" when unrolled.

Made for us by the Canadian company that invented the 3D knitting process, this high-quality product may be complete overkill for a tool roll, but we can't resist supporting this emerging technology from a deserving firm.