Accessibility Statement


The Veritas Carver's Bench combines the elements of versatility, stability and sheer mass needed for a carver's bench.

Suitable for both large and small carvings, the bench lets a carver rotate work through 360° and tilt it from horizontal to vertical or any angle between, whatever creates the most comfortable carving position. The integral cast-iron mechanism, the 1 3/4" thick laminated maple top and the 29" high cast-iron legs combine to create a solid work surface to hold relief carvings, as well as carvings in the round.

A clamping system using two Veritas Bench Pups and a Wonder Pup (included) will let you clamp work up to 26" square or 26" in diameter. The spring-loaded tilt mechanism provides excellent counterbalance and easy operation with a readily accessible lock and release lever. The same is true of the 360° rotation system.

Relief carvers can sit on a stool while carving and have work presented at whatever tilt angle they wish and rotate it for easy carving with the grain. For particularly massive carvings, extra tension rods can quickly be fitted to the bench.

The bench top can be purchased on its own for installation on your own structure.

Complete bench weighs 150 lb (68kg). Made in Canada.