Accessibility Statement


We resisted the impulse to join the herd of firms offering shop work standoffs, as they can be made so easily at home.

We did, however, succumb to the impulse to exercise a bit of lateral thinking on our position on work standoffs. A hockey puck may seem like a strange object to use as a work standoff, but we found it to be just about the right size for the application. At 3" in diameter by 1" thick and weighing 6 oz, it is both wide and heavy enough to make a stable platform.

To make the hockey puck non-skidding, grip discs (sold separately) can be applied to each face to transform the puck into a bench puck that can be used to elevate your work for better access.

Our pucks are the same top-quality Slovakian-made pucks that are widely used in North American amateur-league play.

An excellent price.

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