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This fast-acting surface clamp can be used with a Festool MFT/3 table top or anywhere you can drill a 20mm diameter hole.

The post has a wedging mechanism that anchors it firmly (horizontally or vertically) in material as thin as 5/8" (depending on the strength of the material), making it also useful in jigs and fixtures, e.g., sliding tables for saws. The clamp arm (which slides easily on the post when tilted, but locks at 90°) has a 2 1/8" throat depth and can grip anything from veneer to material up to 3 3/4" thick (3 1/8" when the post collar is used as a depth limiter). Anchor wedging is controlled by the brass knob on the post and clamping force by the knob at the arm tip.

Used horizontally, the post collar acts as a material support. Used vertically, the collar is a rub ring that protects workpieces from accidental damage by the post rings.

Precision machined from brass, steel and anodized aluminum, this is a versatile work support and clamp.

Made in Canada. Patented.

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