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This is an excellent hold-down clamp. Just insert the post into any 3/4" hole until the arm touches the workpiece, then throw the hardened steel cam lever to simultaneously clamp the work and wedge the post in place. Fine barb-shaped ridges prevent upward movement when the post is canted, while still allowing easy entry into a hole. To release it, you simply flip the lever back.

The forged steel arm has a low-profile clamping end, allowing good access to work from all sides. To improve grip and protect the surface of the workpiece, an optional leather pad is included that can be attached to the end of the arm.

The hold-down has a 5" throat depth, and the 10" post gives you 8" of clamping capacity. For use in holes where through travel is limited, a retrofit shorter hold-down post is available separately. At just 5 1/2" long, it provides about 4" of clamping capacity.

Can be used vertically in the top of a bench or horizontally in a side skirt; solid wood at least 1" thick is recommended.

Made in Canada.

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