Think of clamps as having an extra set of hands. Because clamps provide a firm grip on a workpiece, your own hands are free to complete the next step of a project. The type of clamp you use will depend on your workholding needs, so having a variety of clamps in your workshop ensures you will always have the right one within reach.

17F0424 - 24" UniKlamp

Bessey UniKlamp

From: $21.50

17F8512 - Anti-Slip Parallel Jaw Clamp, 12"

Anti-Slip Parallel Jaw Clamps

From: $41.00

15K1101 - Lee Valley Clamp Rack

Lee Valley Clamp Rack


03F0648 - 48" Dubuque Aluminum Bar Clamp, each

Dubuque Aluminum Bar Clamps

From: $33.50

03F0136 - 36" Standard Fast-Acting Clamp, each

Standard Fast-Acting Clamps

From: $12.70

03F0436 - 36" Heavy-Duty Fast-Acting Clamp, each

Heavy-Duty Fast-Acting Clamps

From: $19.00

17F9112 - 12" Aluminum Squeezer/Spreader Clamp

Aluminum Squeezer/Spreader Clamp

From: $32.50

17F8112 - 12" Gator Clamp

Gator Squeezer/Spreader Clamps

From: $29.00 $13.60

17F8111 - 12" Midi Clamps, pr.

Gator Mini/Midi Clamps


From: $15.50 $9.50

09F0102 - 7 3/4" x 4 1/4" Wooden Cam Clamp

Wooden Cam Clamps

From: $22.50

25K5914 - Kreg Auto-Adjust Bar Clamp, 7 1/2"

Kreg Auto-Adjust Bar Clamps

From: $34.50

17F0618 - Economy Step-Over Clamp, each

Economy Step-Over Clamp


60F0204 - 10 1/2" Brass Clamp, each

Miniature Brass Bar Clamps

From: $7.50

17F0545 - Professional Edge Clamp

Bessey Professional Edge Clamp


25K5910 - Small Kreg Auto-Adjust Clamp

Kreg Auto-Adjust Clamps

From: $34.50

25K6062 - Small Face-Frame Clamp

Kreg Face-Frame Clamp


25K5909 - Kreg Right-Angle Auto-Adjust Clamp

Kreg Right-Angle Auto-Adjust Clamp


03F0602 - Dubuque Shelf Clamp, each

Dubuque Face-Frame & Shelf Clamps


25K5916 - Kreg Corner Clamp

Kreg Corner Clamp


03F0301 - Swivel Miter Clamp

Swivel Miter Clamp


50K3801 -  Assembly Clamps, pair

Right-Angle Assembly Clamps



05F0120 - Clamp & Extension Set

Veritas 4-Way Speed Clamp

From: $32.50

17F1013 - Clamp and 4 LV Nylon Corners

16' Web Clamp

From: $12.50

17F1005 - Set of 4 LV Nylon Corners only

Lee Valley Nylon Web Clamp Corners

(Pkg. of 4)


50K5701 - Variable-Angle Corners, pkg. of 4

Lee Valley Variable-Angle Web Clamp Co...

(Pkg. of 4)


88F0507 - Low Profile Clamp 5 1/4"

DeStaCo Toggle Clamps

From: $18.50

25K5912 - Small Kreg Auto-Adjust Hold-Down Clamp

Kreg Auto-Adjust Bench Clamps

From: $39.50

16F0220 - Vise Clamp

Vise Clamp


17F7215 - Bessey Vertical Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp

Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps

From: $27.10

17F7214 - Small Bessey Vertical Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp, each

Small Bessey Vertical Auto-Adjust Togg...


17F0615 - Bessey 3/4" "H" Pipe Clamp

Bessey "H" Pipe Clamp


16F0100 - 3/4" Plastic Clamp, each

Plastic Spring Clamps

From: $1.50

16F0291 - Variable-Jaw Pressure-Adjusting Clamp

Variable-Jaw Pressure-Adjusting Clamp


03F0714 - 14" x 7" x 10 1/4" Dubuque Wooden Handscrew, each

Dubuque Wooden Handscrews

From: $18.50

55K6752 - Double-Sided V-Clamp

Vacuum Clamp Systems

From: $65.50 $45.80

05G1601 - Panel Clamp

Veritas Panel Clamp


Set of 18 Dogs

Pinch Dogs

From: $12.90

88F1203 - 3/16" Tubing, 25'

Surgical Tubing


03F0172 - 8" Guitar Bridge Clamp

Guitar Bridge Clamps


05H4112 - Veritas Clamp Rails

Veritas Clamp Rails


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