Specialty tools and supplies for guitarmaking can be difficult to find. Our selection covers the process from construction through to finishing and set-up. All are high quality and used by professional makers, repair shops and leading guitar factories around the world.

33T0826 - Pax Fret-Wire Saw

Pax Fret-Wire Saw


55P2010 - Luthier Thickness Caliper

Luthier Thickness Caliper


02T1041 - 5" Knew Concepts Alum. Fret Saw

Knew Concepts Aluminum Fret Saw Frame


55P2015 - Fret-Spacing Rule

Fret-Spacing Rule


05P9001 - Flat Palm Plane

Veritas Detail Palm Planes

From: $69.00

05P3205 - Veritas Cabinet Scraper

Veritas Cabinet Scraper


05J6501 - Veritas Plunge Base for Rotary Tools

Veritas Plunge Base for Rotary Tools


05P3210 - Veritas String Inlay Scraper

Veritas String Inlay Scraper


05P3376 - Veritas Concave Spokeshave, PM-V11

Veritas Flat, Round and Concave Spokes...

From: $119.00

05P3801 - Veritas Large Router Plane

Veritas Large Router Plane

From: $179.00

68Z8134 - 40' Radius Dish

Radius Dishes


62W3087 - 10" Half-Rd. X-Fine Japanese Milled-Tooth File, 3/4" wide, 7" cut length

Japanese Milled-Tooth Files

From: $21.50

70G1110 - Universal Vise

Universal Vise


03F0172 - 8" Guitar Bridge Clamp

Guitar Bridge Clamps


09F0102 - 7 3/4" x 4 1/4" Wooden Cam Clamp

Wooden Cam Clamps

From: $22.50

55P2003 - Taper Reamer for Guitars

Taper Reamer for Guitars


88K2150 - 8 oz Delrin-Faced Brass Hammer

8 oz Delrin-Faced Brass Hammer


60J0202 - 2.68mm Fret Crowning File

Hiroshima Yasuri Fret Files


60J0205 - Hiroshima Yasuri Fret End Dressing File

Hiroshima Yasuri Fret End Dressing Fil...


60J0229 - Hiroshima Yasuri Nut-Slotting File, 0.056"

Hiroshima Yasuri Nut-Slotting Files


55P2001 - Purfling Cutter

Purfling Cutter


05K3320 - Veritas Scraping Set

Veritas Scraping Set


09A0282 - Glue Pot

Glue Pot


56K6001 - Fish Glue, 1l (34 fl oz)

High Tack Fish Glue

From: $13.90

56K5005 - Pearl Hide Glue, 1 lb

Antique Restorer's Veneer Hide Glue

From: $15.90

56K6012 - Old Brown Glue, 20 fl oz

Old Brown Glue

From: $9.50

25U0330 - 3M Binding Tape

3M Binding Tape


KD336 - Mini Hygrometer/Thermometer

Mini Hygrometer/Thermometer


86J0406 - Downcut Bit, 1/8"

Mini Downcut Spiral Bits


60J0302 - Tortoiseshell Pick Guard

Pick Guards

From: $3.25

60J0282 - Classical Guitar Blank, Saddle (105mm x 3.5mm x 12mm)

Nut & Saddle Blanks

From: $4.40

60J0290 - Ebony Guitar Bridge Pins, set of 6

Guitar Bridge & End Pins

From: $0.45

60J0260 - Steel-String Guitar Rosette

Guitar Rosettes

From: $9.40

60J0254 - Gotoh Steel String Tuning Machines, Chrome

Gotoh Tuning Machines

From: $81.50

56Z4013 - Garnet Shellac Flakes

Brooklyn Tool & Craft De-Waxed Shellac...

From: $32.50

33K5121 - 30mm (1 3/16") Flat Nylon Bristle Brush

Nylon Bristle Brushes

From: $5.50

33K5103 - 60mm (2 3/8") Oval Varnish Brush, each

Oval Varnish Brushes

From: $19.50

68Z8110 - Preppin' Weapon Sanding Block

Preppin' Weapon Sanding Block


80K0402 - 4F Pumice, 1 lb

Pumice Stone


80K0405 - Rottenstone, 1 lb



54K8108 - 3M Wet/Dry Sandpaper, 2500A (0.5µ)

3M Wet/Dry Sandpaper



49L5140 - Making Poor Man’s Guitars

Making Poor Man’s Guitars

by Shane Speal


49L5084 - Cigar Box Guitars

Cigar Box Guitars

by David Sutton


49L2745 - The Box Maker's Guitar Book

The Box Maker's Guitar Book

by David Stowe


31L1745 - Classical Guitar Making

Classical Guitar Making

by John S. Bogdanovich


49L5132 - The Uke Book

The Uke Book Illustrated

by John Weissenrieder; illustrated by Sarah Greenbaum


49L5085 - Make Your Own Ukulele

Make Your Own Ukulele

by Bill Plant


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