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This comprehensive manual covers many different ways to preserve a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. It provides detailed instruction on drying, freezing and canning methods, along with tips and recipes to suit almost any taste, whether you prefer your preserves sweet, sour, dilled, pickled, peppered, reduced to syrup or fermented. It presents an illustrated guide to key preparation methods (blanching, quick-cooking, hot-packing, cold-packing and fermenting) and preservation techniques (refrigeration, freezing, infusing, drying and canning), each with clever tips, suggested ingredients and storage advice.

It also offers more than 160 recipes, listed by main ingredient so you can easily look up an array of choices for nearly anything you happen to have a lot of, from apples to watermelons. A practical resource, whether putting up traditional favorites such as tomatoes, beans and cucumbers or experimenting with lesser-known specialties such as mushroom confit, drunken cherries or salsa verde.

Softcover, 7 1/2" x 9", 303 pages, 2010.

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