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At one time we were far more involved in making things we used on a daily basis rather than buying them. When this book was published in 1910, it was one of many self-sufficiency guides of the day. The target market was the small farmer, but its information applies to everybody interested in making or modifying equipment for their own use.

It is always handy to know how to make a simple wire splicer or wire tensioner, how to build simple trellises and how to make easy concrete forms. It shows how to multiply your strength using lever and pulley mechanisms to move awkward, heavy loads as when transplanting trees. Some instructions are dated, but much of the rest is of high utility. Included are line drawings that pack more information into the pages than would be possible with words and photos alone.

It is made of acid-free paper, with Smyth-sewn binding for durability. Softcover, 6" x 9", 288 pages. Reprinted in 2000 as part of our Classic Reprint Series.

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