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Follow along with a well-respected 21st-century craftsman as his detailed commentary brings 17th-century New England furniture making to life. Follansbee describes how he makes period-style boxes and chests, blending traditional approaches with his own, drawn from decades of researching and reproducing historical examples. In an approachable, engaging manner, he explains the sequence and processes of his work, from opening and splitting the log to the final assembly and finishing of the piece. He gives practical advice on carving scrolls, pinwheels and lunettes, traditional freehand designs and more, and shows how to combine decorative elements to create virtually unlimited patterns for strapwork and panels. Each chapter builds on the one before as he delves into projects typical of the joiner’s work: a carved box, a box with a drawer, a desk box with a slanted lid, a joined chest and a chest with variations such as brackets, drawers and moldings. He also describes how to make a bookstand from offcuts and short stock, and concludes with a section on historical finishes and lock-fitting techniques. Supplemented with drawings and color photos throughout, this is a valuable reference for woodworkers interested in period designs and methods or who want to adapt traditional joinery for their own projects. Hardcover, 8 1/2” x 11”, 264 pages, 2019.

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