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Written by a skilled craftsman and founder of a well-respected woodworking school, this book profiles 30 contemporary artisans identified by the author as “difference makers,” individuals who have inspired others through their teaching and their remarkable body of work.

To explain his notion of difference makers, Adams begins with a brief look at the history of woodworking in America. He highlights people and events that mark turning points in the development of the craft: the recognition of individual furniture makers in the 1700s, industrialization and mass production in the 1800s, and the revival of traditional craftsmanship through the Arts and Crafts movement in the early 20th century. Adams describes the Post Modern trend of experimentation with media and techniques in the years following World War II and its impact on woodworking today.

The 21st century difference makers profiled in this book carry on the tradition of challenging and exploring possibilities in working with wood. All have taught at the author’s school, sharing innovative ideas and expertise covering a wide range of areas including tool design, guitarmaking, segmented woodturning, furniture making, veneering, carving, metal engraving, pyrography and intarsia.

The profiles include the makers’ biographical information and commentary, stunning color photographs of their work, as well as Adams’ anecdotes from his conversations with the individual makers, revealing insights into their sources of influence and inspiration. Engaging, enlightening and at times deeply poignant, the collection of stories in this book pays homage to the ingenuity and extraordinary craftsmanship of these contemporary makers.

Hardcover, 11" × 11", 260 pages, 2019.

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