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Demystifying the math most commonly used in woodworking, this book can help you craft your project with confidence and accuracy. Written in a straightforward style and supplemented with charts and diagrams, it begins with clear explanations supported by examples of how to work with fractions, decimals, powers and roots, including practice problems and detailed solutions. The author introduces plane and solid figures, and provides formulas and explanations for commonly used calculations such as perimeter, surface area and volume. The chapter on woodshop geometry provides step-by-step instructions for techniques such as bisecting lines, arcs and angles, and constructing geometric shapes for decorative patterns.

Finally, the author delves into practical applications: using grids to enlarge patterns, simplifying compound angles to create tapered work, calculating changes in wood that come with fluctuations in humidity, and more.

This is a practical refresher for shop-related math as well as an invaluable reference to keep on hand.

Softcover, 8" × 8", 189 pages, 2020.

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