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This book serves as a guide for adults to introduce children of any age to woodworking. Stowe draws on a 40-year career as a woodworker and two decades of experience teaching a school woodworking program to children from kindergarten to grade 12. The Wisdom of the Hands program, inspired by the principles of sloyd (or slöjd), the Finnish approach to teaching handicrafts, was designed to encourage children to pursue their interests and approach projects creatively while imparting practical skills that can be applied towards future projects.

The first section introduces shop safety and common tools, with tips for tailoring the approach to the age and skill level of your student. It also explains some of the philosophy of sloyd and how to apply it to mentoring a new woodworker.

The second section provides detailed step-by-step instructions for 13 projects, ranging from a simple scrap-wood collage to more advanced projects, including turned pens and hinged boxes, as well as a broad selection of wooden toys. It also provides tips for making useful jigs and guiding a student through designing working furniture.

With an approach that focuses on engaging children’s interest and getting them invested in the projects they create, this book is useful for anyone who wants to pass on their enthusiasm for woodworking to the next generation.

Softcover, 8 1/2" × 11", 143 pages, 2020.

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