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In this follow-up to his earlier book, The Why and How of Woodworking (2018), Pekovich focuses on techniques for mastering the joinery fundamental to woodworking. More than a how-to, the book is filled with insights and advice on approaching furniture making with joinery in mind and following essential steps in order to work efficiently.

He begins by describing strategies that set up projects for success, from selecting and squaring up wood to marking and layout. He covers techniques for cutting rabbets, grooves, dadoes, mortises and tenons, dovetails and miters, giving step-by-step instruction and commentary for various projects showing how each joint is used to good effect. He explains how to use a block plane for subtle shaping, and how to create curves through sawing, bent lamination and steam bending.

A final chapter presents five projects that use combinations of the joints covered in the book to address design and construction challenges. Projects include a bookshelf, a tansu-style cupboard, an arched entry table, a rocking chair and an Arts and Crafts dining chair.

Supplemented with color photographs, illustrations and dimensioned drawings, this comprehensive resource is sure to become a valued addition to any woodworker’s bookshelf.

Hardcover, 8 1/2" × 11", 281 pages, 2021.

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