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This book celebrates the self-reliant, purposeful life of Dick Proenneke, who lived for decades in the remote Twin Lakes region of Alaska. The solitary woodsman, naturalist and filmmaker handcrafted his own home as well as the everyday objects he needed to live simply and with minimal impact on the natural world around him.

Now listed on the (U.S.) National Register of Historic Places, Proenneke’s wilderness home and contents are preserved and maintained. A caretaker and restorer at the site for 19 years, Robinson highlights Proenneke’s inventive handcraft, from the log cabin, cache and woodshed he constructed using basic tools to the kitchen items, tools, furniture and numerous other objects he made from available materials.

Filled with Robinson’s insights, edited selections from Proenneke’s journals and correspondence, detailed illustrations and photographs, this book is sure to inspire makers, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone with a passion for preserving wilderness spaces.

Hardcover, 8 1/2" × 11", 456 pages, 2021.

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