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This comprehensive, informative guide includes a directory of more than 100 wood species identified by common and botanical names as well as alternative names by which the trees may be known.

It begins with an overview of wood composition and forest types from which different woods are extracted for commercial use. Covering topics on seasoning and sawing, Porter explains various ways of converting wood and includes illustrations of cuts used by veneer manufacturers. He clarifies figure in wood, characterizing more than 25 figure patterns such angel step, fiddleback, mottle and pippy.

For each species in the directory, the author describes the wood’s appearance, working properties, seasoning requirements and durability, and lists typical uses of the wood. The text is supplemented with watercolor illustrations of the tree’s leaves, flowers, fruit and overall shape, as well as a color photo of a wood sample. Porter also provides facts such as the tree’s typical height, trunk diameter, dry weight and specific gravity, as well as health risks associated with the wood, if known.

The book concludes with a useful glossary of wood terminology.

Exceptionally well organized and sized to fit in a backpack, this is an easy-to-use reference for woodworkers, wood lovers or for anyone who simply enjoys identifying trees and wood species.

Hardcover, 8 1/2" × 6", 143 pages, 2021.

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