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This biannual publication celebrates the preservation, research and restoration of historic furniture. Its multi-disciplinary approach brings together the perspectives of furniture makers, conservators and scholars to span woodworking past and present, with focus on pre-industrial tools and methods.

In this issue, Colonial Williamsburg blacksmith Kenneth Schwarz describes the historic relationship between 18th century woodworking and blacksmithing, and shows how a period blacksmith would make a bench chisel.

Brendan Gaffney explains how leaves, branches and roots of the birch tree can provide useful handcraft materials, and Steve Voight explores historic natural resin varnishes.

Jim Tolpin shares insights gained from decades of designing and making objects as well as from knowledge of pre-industrial artisanship. Joshua Klein explores the concept of efficiency in woodworking and, in another article, compiles insights on holistic approaches to craftsmanship from literature across eras and cultures.

Michael Updegraff traces the history and use of the simple scraper, and Kerry Lambertson describes traditional violin making around the world. Other articles include an examination of a mid-19th century worktable and Gerald Ward’s review of Irish Country Furniture and Furnishings by Claudia Kinmonth.

More like a book than a typical magazine, it is printed on heavy stock paper and richly illustrated with color photos. Sold as a single issue, not a subscription.

Softcover, 144 pages, 2022.

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