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In this guide, woodcarver Baldina teaches techniques for creating geometric designs on basswood boards using mostly a skew knife, basic sharpening materials and simple drawing tools.

She begins by covering the fundamentals: safety, tools, how to sharpen a straight-edge skew blade and techniques for making basic cuts. Highlighting the importance of practice boards for skill building, the author gives step-by-step instructions for creating a practice board sampler containing 25 different designs of increasing complexity.

She then presents 14 skill-building projects that begin with basic patterns such as triangles, petals and sharp corners and progress to more complex kaleidoscope, wooden window and sunflower designs. Although transferrable patterns for each project are included, Baldina also provides detailed step-by-step guidance and photos for drawing each design directly onto the wood, in addition to carving instructions.

The text is supplemented with a photo gallery of Baldina’s work, showing how chip carving designs can be applied to three-dimensional objects.

An easy-to-use handbook for beginning chip carvers or for more experienced carvers who want to consolidate their skills or explore new designs.

Softcover, 8 1/2" × 10", 175 pages, 2019.

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