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For anyone who wants to create the look of aged furniture finishes on new wood surfaces, this book by professional restorer and chairmaker Porritt shows you how. Using commonly available tools and materials along with a helping of what he terms “belligerence” (perseverance), the author guides you through his process for reproducing the colors and textures of layered, time-worn finished surfaces.

Following a description of tools and chemicals used to create realistic aged effects, he provides step-by-step commentary accompanied by color photos to explain his methods for working and reworking a surface until the desired result is achieved.

He explains in detail the techniques used to create finishes for two backstool chair projects, both with painted and burnished surfaces and the appearance of time-worn wood showing through wear on the seat, sticks and comb. Porritt also includes a photo gallery of 13 stick chairs showing various aged finish effects accompanied by commentary on how they were accomplished. While the author focuses on chairs in this book, his techniques can be applied to other furniture as well.

A fascinating guide for those interested in creating antique-looking finishes for period reproductions or simply to give an old, comfortably worn look to newly built furniture.

Softcover, 7 1/4" × 9 1/2", 96 pages, 2022.

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