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With this compact guide, Schwarz simplifies the process of sharpening woodworking tools, offering practical advice to those who may be daunted by the excess of information, opinion and equipment widely available on the topic.

He clarifies the meaning of sharpness in relation to tool edges, defines grinding, honing and polishing, and lists examples of media used in each process. He highlights the life cycle of an edge, providing a flow chart to guide you through decisions on what action is needed once you’ve determined an edge is dull.

Schwarz explains how to set up a new tool for sharpening. He also covers the fundamentals of grinding, describing ways to reduce a secondary bevel, repair nicks, change the shape of the bevel edge or change the bevel angle.

The text is supplemented with line drawings, black-and-white photos and brief appendices on topics such as sharpening scrapers and complex profiles.

Small enough to tuck in an apron pocket or a toolbox, this down-to earth guide is sure to inspire confidence with sharpening in anyone who wants to maintain sharp edges on their tools.

Hardcover, 4 1/4" × 6 3/4", 114 pages, 2022.

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