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In this enlightening book, coauthors Walker and Tolpin (By Hand & Eye, 2013) celebrate the knowledge of geometry displayed by artisans through the centuries. From their ability to imagine lines, points and simple shapes, early craftsmen developed an intuitive understanding of geometry through the work of their own hands and their experience using stone and wood materials.

Emphasizing the importance of developing this intuition for geometry by fostering a deeper understanding of how it applies in woodworking, the authors present eight projects to build fully functional woodworking design and layout tools inspired by those of early artisans.

Beginning with the simple straightedge, winding sticks and try square, the projects progress to the more complex marking square, triangle templates, miter squares and a panel gauge. Each project contains lessons focused on using hands and eyes to understand the geometry of the tools.

The text is supplemented with line drawings and interspersed with sections entitled “Euclid’s Notes,” containing straightforward commentary on geometric constructions.

An engaging read for woodworkers, toolmakers or anyone who recalls the Euclidean geometry of their school days and wants to discover a different way of knowing.

Hardcover, 8 3/4" × 11 1/4", 101 pages, 2022.

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