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Originally published as a serial between 1683 and 1685, then in book form in 1703, Moxon’s Mechanick Exercises is widely regarded as the first book on woodworking and other trades to be published in English.

At the time it was written, trade guilds widely tried to keep their “secrets” under wraps to ensure that the average person would still require their services, and to keep the information from their competitors. Moxon felt that this knowledge should be available to everyone.

In his book, Moxon details the tools and techniques used in smithing, joinery, house carpentry, turning, bricklaying and the making of sundials. Although it was written more than three centuries ago, many of the tools and techniques described are the same today or have changed very little, while some are vastly different.

It remains not only a valuable resource, but also a fascinating view into the trades of the time. With an insightful introduction by Christopher Schwarz, this an excellent book for anyone with an interest in the history of woodworking and the trades.

Hardcover, 6" × 9", 352 pages, 2022.

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