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At one time, all woodworking tools were hand made.

This comprehensive guide teaches how to make your own tools using common materials and straightforward techniques. The author covers ten types of plane (block, chisel, compass, jack, shoulder, molding, scrub, large compass, smoothing and router planes) as well as a spokeshave and a travisher plane, a hand adze, a shop drawknife, scrapers, a bow saw, and a marking and carving knife.

Besides providing measured drawings and detailed instructions for crafting the tools, Wilson explains the design considerations for each tool in depth, helping you customize it to your preferences. A section on blade-making presents basic metalworking, showing how to shape and sharpen blades out of steel blanks, and even heat-treat them with a gas torch and a kitchen oven. Wilson concludes with plans and advice for work-holding and tool holding equipment such as workbenches and tool totes, plus a portable dovetail vise.

An appendix summarizes materials and construction steps for each tool and accessory. More than a how-to guide, it is a thorough reference that explains not just what to do, but also why.

Hardcover, 8 1/2" × 11 1/2", 297 pages, 2021.

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