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For plant enthusiasts or gardeners interested in learning ways to multiply plants, this comprehensive guide is filled with tips and techniques for propagating, transplanting and caring for cultivated plants.

Author and professional horticulturalist Halleck begins with the basics of plant reproduction and explains how propagating from seed differs from starting vegetative cuttings. She covers propagation tools and materials including lighting, growing medium ingredients and rooting hormones.

She describes naming conventions for plants, explaining terms such as hybrids, cultivars, heirloom and genetically modified plants, and provides a range of propagation techniques, from water rooting, stem-tip and leaf cuttings and ground layering to propagating bulbs, rhizomes and tubers.

With color photos and expert advice throughout, the book is a helpful resource for anyone looking to extend their knowledge of plant reproduction or expand their plant collection through propagation.

Softcover, 8" × 9", 256 pages, 2019.

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