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Incorporating innovations in LED technology developed for commercial use, these kits contain professional-grade, high-output lights in a practical size for home growers. Excellent seed starters, they can be used year-round to grow salad greens or herbs. The height-adjustable canopy contains LED lights that emit a full spectrum, closely matching the wavelengths of natural sunlight (color temperature of 6400 kelvin).

Each light is rated for 50,000 hours of continuous operation. The included containers rest on a capillary mat, allowing roots and soil to wick water from the reservoir. An inner platform keeps plants above the water level, and a convenient fill hole lets you top up the reservoir as needed.

The regular size has two 18" long LED lights that operate on just 18W each. It is 24" × 15 3/4" × 19" tall overall, accommodating plants up to 12" tall. It comes with four 14 1/2" × 5 1/4" × 2 1/2" tall containers and has an 8.3 litre (2.2 U.S. gal.) reservoir.

Occupying little space on a shelf or countertop, the mini version is 18" × 8" × 17 1/2" tall and contains a single 12" LED unit that operates on just 12W. It has four 6 1/2" × 3 3/4" × 2" tall containers and a 3 litre (0.8 U.S. gal.) reservoir.

Minor assembly required. Each has a 78" power cord with an on/off switch and is cULus listed.

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