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In this informative guide, author Susan Mulvihill expertly lays out how to identify problems in your vegetable garden and the best chemical-free solutions.

In section one, she outlines how to get your garden started, including advice on planting location, spacing, support, watering and feeding. She then explains ways to troubleshoot various problems that may arise in your garden, such as germination and pollination issues, herbicide damage, bug problems and multiple physiological issues that may affect your plants.

The second section details diseases that could affect your vegetables, complete with 30 disease profiles, each of which includes a description and organic remedies.

The final section profiles 15 common animals known to damage gardens, including information on plants they enjoy, how to identify if they’ve visited your garden, and solutions to keep them away.

Filled with color photos as well as graphs and charts, this reference book makes an excellent addition to any gardener’s library and is sure to help keep your garden healthy.

Softcover, 8" x 10", 224 pages, 2023.

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