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Ruggedly constructed and highly portable, this is a well-designed pole saw.

Weighing 4 1/2 lb, it has good heft to help keep the blade engaged in the cut, reducing false starts that can waste effort and injure the tree.

It extends to over 13', providing a maximum effective reach of about 19' for a person of average height, and collapses to a manageable 51" for transport or storage.

The telescoping pole sections are made of aluminum, joined with strong locking couplers that won't loosen through prolonged use.

The handle has a thick rubberized coating for grip, and its oval shape fits comfortably in the hand while giving a tactile cue to help keep the blade properly aligned in use.

The 13 1/2" long saw blade has an aggressive 5 1/2 tpi Japanese-style tooth pattern that makes quick, clean cuts in branches up to 6" thick. Made of chrome-plated steel with impulse-hardened teeth for durability, the blade has a hooked end that not only helps keep it from slipping out of the kerf, but is useful for pulling branches down or out of the way.

Excellent value.

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