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When transplanting or dividing plants in dense, root-filled soil, this spade is a big help. It has a bevel-edged notch at the tip that cuts easily into hard-packed earth, and a row of sharp teeth along each side of the blade lets you saw through thick, tangled root fibers.

Its robust resin-encased carbon-steel shaft is capable of bearing 180 lb of prying force at the end of the handle without breakage. With a soft, textured coating for a comfortable grip, the large circular handle allows a greater range of natural hand positions to avoid wrist strain and offers four times the gripping surface of conventional shovel handles, so you can easily use both hands.

The 13" long carbon-steel head has an enamel coating to resist rust, with broad steps that are folded forward at comfortable angle, reducing the risk of foot slippage to help avoid ankle injuries. 44" overall; weighs 5 3/4 lb. A tough tool for a tough job.

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