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Made in the U.K. by Hozelock, an innovative European maker of high-quality watering equipment, these reels make winding and unwinding a hose far less of a struggle.

You can play out as much of the hose as you need; when you stop pulling, an internal ratchet system locks it at that length. A short, swift tug disengages the lock, allowing the sprung mechanism to retract the hose automatically. A level-wind roller ensures it coils back onto the spool evenly without bunching or binding.

We offer two versions, one with 98' of 5/8" O.D. hose, a good option for large properties or jobs such as pressure washing, and one with 65' of 1/2" O.D. hose, a manageable length for smaller yards or garden spaces. Easy to install, each UV-stable plastic reel fits onto an included wall bracket that allows it to pivot 180°. For winter storage, simply lift the reel off the mount without having to remove the hose or the wall bracket.

Each has a child-safety lock and comes with mounting hardware, a spray nozzle and a 78" feeder hose for connection to your faucet.

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