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Squirrels are a constant source of annoyance to those kind souls trying to care for hungry birds. Most feeders cannot foil squirrels effectively. This feeder is an exception.

The perch is attached to a weight-activated door that closes over the seed ports when anything too heavy arrives for a visit. The adjustable spring mechanism can be set to accommodate various weights, in order to discourage heavy birds such as grackles, while leaving songbirds free to enjoy their dinner.

Once closed, the lid locks to keep critters out. A seed-saver baffle reduces seed spilling and waste. Squirrels* get frustrated with this feeder and often give up.

With a powder-coated, galvanized steel body, the durable feeder measures 13 1/4" × 10 5/8" × 6 1/4" high and holds 1 1/2 gallons of seed. It can be hung with the included wire hanger or pole-mounted (hardware included).

* Effective against black squirrels. Immature red squirrels can sometimes gain access due to their size.

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