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Making drawers with our micro drawer slides is a snap. Since the slides are also the drawer sides, you only have to attach them to wood fronts and backs, trapping the fiberboard or wood bottom in place as you do it.

Perfect for small cabinets, the slide portion is .010" less than 1/8" thick, making it slide easily in the normal 1/8" kerf of most modern saw blades. Four heights are available: 1", 2", 3" and 4". The 1" and 2" sizes can be used for pencil drawers, but are especially useful for storing a large volume of thin items in little space (e.g., an 18" × 12" × 9 1/2" deep cabinet with sixteen 1" drawers would have nearly 10 sq.ft. of drawer area). The 3" and 4" sizes are ideal for deep storage drawers. Although the rib is standard on all four sizes of slide, the 1" and 2" high slides have 1/8" rebates for a drawer bottom; the 3" and 4" high slides have 1/4" rebates.

To install the drawer front or back, notch the slides, a simple process that can be done on a table saw or with a hacksaw. However, using a round over bit to form the drawer ends rather than notching the slide is faster and neater, although it does require you to use false drawer fronts. False drawer fronts simplify construction and allow you to hide the inevitable small fitting errors that accumulate in drawer spacing. Equally important, the system lets you use wood for the drawer front that can readily be replaced in the event of damage.

All extrusions are anodized (non-marring) aluminum cut in 3' lengths, enough to make two slides, sometimes three, all depending on your design. They can be cut with standard carbide-tipped saw blades. Instructions included. Drawer making has never been easier.

Made in Canada.

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