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Whether for emails, memos, school reports or social media, nearly everyone writes regularly in one form or another. This book shows that even short, informal text need not be devoid of art or clarity. A compact guide to the fundamentals of English, it demystifies aspects of grammar, spelling and punctuation that can challenge even experienced writers.

Besides writing and editing publications on woodworking, engineering, sailing and other subjects, Robert Lee has written for the Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature and the Cambridge Journal of Words and Language. Affectionately known as “Uncle Bob” to our staff, he also happens to be the brother of Lee Valley founder Leonard Lee, and has overseen the writing and editing of our catalog and website for decades. In the book, he sums up much of what he's learned along the way, presenting it in a straightforward, memorable style, all well organized and indexed so it’s easy to find the advice you need.

Regardless of your writing skill or experience, this book can help you express yourself effectively in any written medium.

Softcover, 6" × 9", 110 pages, 2018.

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